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Is it time to move on for Anderson?

Last summer, rumors of a transfer for Brazilian teenage sensation Lucas Moura delighted Manchester United fans. Getting another budding superstar from Brazil wouldn’t hurt the Red Devil’s chances of winning another Premier League title. Lucas can play in the center or be a winger on the sides, a player that United definitely needs. Of course, we all know what happened. French giants Paris Saint-Germain signed Lucas while United acquired Japanese playmaker Shinji Kagawa and former Arsenal main man Robin Van Persie. There are three things for sure here: Manchester got better, Lucas is definitely having fun in the French capital and Anderson had a big sigh of relief.

Six years ago, before Manchester had their sights on signing Lucas, United acquired a future Brazilian superstar by the name of Anderson. Like Lucas, Anderson plays in the middle. He is an attacking midfielder that can both score and create plays for his teammates. A perfect fit for Sir Alex Ferguson’s system. However, during his six-year stay in the club, Anderson was plagued by injuries. This caused a lot of missed opportunities for the Brazilian. Luckily for him, Sir Alex still believes in his talents. The only thing that I don’t get is why he didn’t participate in last year’s PartyPoker charity event while he was still injured. He could have won bigger prize money than two-time winner Jonny Evans. And maybe, he donated it to his own charity.

With the career that he had in United, any football expert, analyst and fan would say that maybe Anderson needs a change of pace. A different position, team or maybe job could help him. But knowing the guy, I am sure he would love to extend his playing career. Like a “play-safe” poker pro who wants to make it to the final table, it would be ideal for any athlete to maximize their talents as much (and as long) as possible. Unfortunately, it’s not working out for him in United. Shinji Kagawa has replaced him in the middle and his new position as a winger doesn’t really fit him well. To make things harder, youngster Tom Cleverley has replaced him in the rotation. If this continues, Anderson will ultimately be the one who suffers. No playing minutes, no chances to showcase his skills and no room to improve. A change of scenery might be the best option for Anderson.

As any Manchester United fan, it is sad to see any player leave the club. Anderson spent six years in the club, proving his loyalty by staying and avoiding transfer rumors. He definitely made a mark to the Red Devil fans. But Anderson changing teams will benefit both the club, and his career. Like any good poker player, you must know when to risk your money and play your hand. I think the time is now for Anderson to go all-in.

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