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Are Man United odds on to win the Champions League?

The next game between Man United and Real Madrid is certainly going to be an exciting one, and United have been very careful in their approach to it; certainly they will be starting with their strongest squad which could include Anderson.

The bets are piling up too, and the favourite is Real Madrid with odds of around 4/6. However, a bet on United also looks interesting with some bookmakers pricing a United win at 3/1, and a draw, currently priced at 4/1, is a strong possibility.

In terms of the overall winner of the Champions League the chances of United making it are looking a little slim in the eyes of the bookmakers. Barcelona is the favourite at 2/1 with Real Madrid in second place at 4/1.

The odds on Man United are currently around 14/1, which are considerably higher than Arsenal which are priced at around 40/1. That is not to say that betting on Man United is a bad idea; it might be a little like betting at a casino rather than professional sports betting in that it will need a fair amount of luck to win, but if it works out then you can anticipate a fairly healthy win.

If you are new to sports betting, then it is not that different from playing gambling games at an online casino such as Jackpot City, the difference being that while most casino games such as roulette or baccarat are totally dependent on luck, sports betting gives you the opportunity to study form, statistics, and odds and use your research to increase your chances of winning. To some extent sports’ betting is more like poker and possibly blackjack as in both of those games you can increase your chances of winning by playing skilfully.

The only types of professional gamblers are those who bet on sport and poker, and football betting is rapidly making it into the ascendancy. Of course there are some interesting football casino games too, especially Soccer Safari slots game which should appeal to football fans.

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