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Anderson speaks of future at United

Anderson has confirmed his desire to stay at Manchester in a short interview on the official club website.

When asked about the strength of his desire to succeed he said: “This club is all about winning. I want more.”

Anderson was answering questions submitted by fans on United’s message boards. The 23-year-old was quizzed on his hairstyle “nobody touches my hair”, his tattoos, and his penchant for elaborate goal celebrations. Those looking at the football betting prices will know his career seems to be taking off this season.

However, his response to a question about his career at Old Trafford has drawn the most scrutiny from the media.

“I want to stay [in Manchester] for many years, and afterwards, when I go back to Brazil, I hope I can look back and know I was a big part of making history here.”

However, in an age of escape clauses and paper-thin contracts, it remains to be seen whether Anderson will stick around.

During the 2000s, Anderson racked up appearances for three clubs in as many years. He began his career at Brazilian outfit, Gremio, in 2004, before moving to Portuguese giants, Porto, two years later. The player signed for Manchester United in 2007 for an alleged £20m. He has claimed four goals in 80 appearances for Alex Ferguson’s side and the Premier League betting prices suggest he should claim some more silverware this term.

Continuing with the answers to fans’ questions; forum user, ‘Lofotmannen’, asked Anderson about his habits on the pitch, most notably, his tendency to stand in the opposition goalie’s line-of-sight, when United are preparing to take a free-kick. The midfielder claims that he tries to make goalkeepers laugh, in the hope of distracting their attention from the set-piece. “It’s worked a few times”, Anderson said.

18 Responses to “Anderson speaks of future at United”

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